Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully and have the correct understanding and agree to abide by them

Proprietery Rights

Permission data from Contact Mail World may only be used in compliance with the US CAN-SPAM Act and Federal law. You agree to indemnify against any damages, losses, settlements, and any claim that arises from an alleged violation of any national or international laws resulting from your illegal use of Contact Mail World.

Right to Refusal

Contact Mail World reserves the right to refuse any or all services based on our company policy as applicable. We hold strict rules for our email marketing and data management services.

Spam Reporting

If you unjustifiably complain to any other third party, in relation to service that you receive from Contact Mail World, then your service may be deemed terminated. Contact Mail World reserves the right to be the sole judge of what is justifiable and what is not.

Account Login, Password and Security

You're responsible for maintaining confidentiality of your username and password. Report to Contact Mail World of any unauthorized use of the account or any breach of security.

Prohibited Content and Commerce

Contact Mail World prohibits the use of our opt-in data for many types of commercial activities including pornography, hate-speech, and illegal products or services.

Links to Other Websites

Contact Mail World web site, or messages may contain links to other web sites. Contact Mail World is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such other web sites. Third parties may independently collect information about web site visitors when they view ads or other communications from third parties through Contact Mail World products or services. If visitors do not want those companies to collect information about them, they should contact these companies directly.

Limitations on Use
  • You are prohibited from reselling the database.
  • You are prohibited from forging any email addresses
  • You are prohibited from framing any information, content obtained from this website
Update of information

A subscriber may contact us to update his or her information by replying to the emails, emailing info@contactmailworld.com Requests will be handled within 24 hours.

Changes to privacy and policy

Contact Mail World reserves the right to change any clause in the privacy policy without any prior notice. We may also amend this Privacy Policy from time to time, and therefore encourage you to revisit this page periodically or when you notice new features on this website. However, you will be immediately notified in case of any change in the privacy policy. All our premium customers who have signed-in for our promotional newsletter services will also be informed about that change through emails. By using the Website, you agree, without limitation or qualification, to be bound by this Privacy Policy.

Refund Policy

Databases and e-mail marketing follow the same principle as software- once opened or downloaded, it is a final sale. Due to the nature of email lists, all sales are final and non-refundable. By processing your order and submitting your contact information, you are entering into a binding purchase contract. This has been done to protect the integrity of our email list databases from fraudulent activities and those who are looking to steal our email list. Email lists are sold as it is without warranties or guarantees.

Counts may vary slightly as we are continually updating & cleansing our databases. Not all records have all searchable fields. If field is not available for those records a null or blank field will appear. Example we do not have fax numbers for all businesses. Business with no fax numbers would have null or blank space in spread sheet column. Mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses are constantly changing we do not claim that the list is 100% accurate or deliverable. When sending bulk emails some emails will be returned undeliverable. Since the databases are digital products, we do not accept refunds. We will redo the project if not satisfied, You must read our Terms and Conditions carefully before even planning to purchase our Databases.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee for lead solution is worth a reason!

We guarantee that with every purchase, you get a delivery rate as guaranteed in the contract or you will receive a quick resolution for any bad data found and refund for any database portion of emails that bounces or is outdated, undelivered or disconnected

Payment and Financial Agreement

The "client", "you", acknowledges and agrees that all financial information given to Contact Mail World is true and lawfully theirs. The "client" acknowledges that all payments are due in full prior to the execution of any marketing campaign and that Contact Mail World maintains a "no refund policy" for any marketing campaign after its execution and emails are sent to the mass market. Additionally, Contact Mail World will not refund any money after a hosting account has been set up for the month. The "client" acknowledges that they will not dispute charges and agrees to these financial terms and conditions with Contact Mail World. In the event that Contact Mail World receives a charge back or theft of service after our services are rendered, an additional fee and court, collection and attorney's costs, will be assessed to the amount of money owed. The client acknowledges that this agreement will replace any agreement with their bank/credit card companies and financial institutions.


In addition, the existence of a link to another site or resource does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of that. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for any information at any of the sites linked to from this directory and you use these sites and email marketing Reports at your own risk.